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Getting Revenge at Ansteys Cove

Russ sticking the crux of Just Revenge at Ansteys Cove in Southwest England.

Perfect conditions de luxe

Max Boholm på Blenda, Lexby.

Det är inte varje göteborgsk vinterdag som erbjuder både sol, torra förhållanden och finsällskap, men ibland så.

Norrlands Guld: Slopetastic

Lina looking for the "sweet spot" on the massive sloper of Norrlands Guld in Melby.   One of Göteborgs best.

Eket Block: How much climbing can you cram into one boulder

The Eket boulders is a perfect example of climbers making the most of what's available.  Located near Helsingborg in what seems to be the only region in Sweden with a shortage of rock, this isolated boulders required digging out to make it climbable and now holds a hilarious number of alternative starts/exits.  Despite the landscaping and the topo of the roof looks like a toddler's scribbling there are a few legitimate straight ups and several of the variations are more charming than one might think.  And if you want to get a workout and/or touch real rock the Eket boulder hits the spot. 

This problem is called Gold Digger and is perhaps the most obvious line on the boulder (it's also the shared exit of two other problems).

Rusningstrafik i skymningstimmen

John jagar en plats på Magic Bus.

Mer Stennäset-klassiker

Rakt på sak i Stennäset

Pain Grain sit V7-ish Buttermilks

From all of us at Climbingpics to all of you climbing lovers out there, we wish you a sweet holiday and a happy new year. See you all again in 2017! 

Dads in the Woods, Bollebygd

Back to this summer when a bunch of us dads hung out in the woods with the kiddos and cleaned boulders.  Here is Henrik on the FA of Dads in the Woods at Bollebygd.  

Klassiskt i näset

Jag hade gärna länkat till problemet men 27crags kan vara hemskt jobbigt att navigera ibland. Ett fint problem i Secret Garden iallafall.


Okänd klättrare på Attention chef d'Œvre.

Attention chef d'Œvre är (trots att jag ännu inte gjort den) en av mina absoluta favoritlinjer i Fontainebleau. Den här resan kom jag så himla mycket närmre en urtoppning. Men, ni vet, harar etc.