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Blown Away, 7B, Magic Wood

A polish friend tries the very esthetic highball. The day after he took a nasty fall from the top, but the painkillers made him smile for a couple of days.


2 kommentarer :

Jan, the hapless Polish Friend in the picture sa...

Great photos all round! I'm thoroughly impressed with your photographic skills. Unfortunately we have nothing visual to share, but here are some news: we're now back in Poland with some nice Magic Wood ticks (Dinos, Fool Fighter, The Italian's, among others); I can walk without limping (though lying on my left hip still isn't quite as comfortable as it ought to be); it DID NOT rain for 2 days over the three weeks of our stay in Averstal. Could you send me your emails? Perhaps we could contact you, were we ever to visit the Swedish secret spots you so highly recommended.

Anonym sa...

Hi Jan,

Great to hear from you and congrats to all the ticks!!
leve_tomas@hotmail.com is my adress, if you plan to go to Kjugekull (the spot down on the south coast) let me know and I´ll meet up there! I'll hopefully spend two weekends there this fall (ocktober and november). And if you plan to go futher north up in Sweden there are loads of boulders for you two discover. Mail me before you show up and I'll role out the red carpet!